Top 10 Michigan beaches – 10 best beaches in Michigan

Top 10 Michigan beaches

Top 10 Michigan beaches. With more than 3,200 miles of coastline on its Great Lakes, Michigan is the second-largest coast state in the US.

Top 10 Michigan beaches

Let’s take a look at the best beaches in Michigan:

  1. Grand Haven

There is a picturesque red lighthouse and a beautiful boardwalk leading to the center of town.

Top 10 Michigan beaches

For those with a sled dog friend, there is a pet-friendly beach in the vicinity of Grand Haven where you can walk your dog.


  1. Beach State Park

With over 150 campsites, Orchard Beach State Park sits on a slope that offers great views of Lake Michigan. From there, you can use stairs that allow easy access to the beach below.

Top 10 Michigan beaches

The campground is well equipped and includes two bathrooms and toilets, a small cabin and two paved sites for campers with mobility issues.

One of the main attractions in the area is the Manistee tour trolley ride.



  1. Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore

Top 10 Michigan beaches

You can climb the dunes and enjoy breathtaking views of the island’s cute farms and lighthouses. Top 10 Michigan beaches


  1. Empire Beach

Nestled at the Bear Dunes National Lakeshore resort, Empire Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area and attracts crowds of tourists and locals alike.

Top 10 Michigan beaches

You can ride your bike low down one of the many paths or take a self-guided road trip and explore the surrounding area. No need to worry about getting out on your own and getting lost here as the area is extremely easy to navigate.


  1. Manistique

Named after the spot where Lake Michigan and the Manistique River met, Manistique was actually a wooden town that is now an upscale destination for summer recreation.

This wonderful site includes a natural harbor and beach area that most locals visit. Nature lovers will have the opportunity to hike around the many trails and visit some of the historic landmarks.

Top 10 Michigan beaches

Fishing, boating, camping and hunting are just some of the most popular activities in Manistique. You can even go snow in the winter!

There are several restaurants serving delicious local dishes, as well as a few nice souvenir shops and lingerie stalls. Head out to the Seul Choix Point lighthouse and visit the famous 19th-century ghost town, Fayette.


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  1. Copper port

Located in northern Michigan, Copper Harbor is renowned for its stunning beauty and for its world-class mountain trail system for excellent hiking. If you want to visit Copper Harbor’s famous lighthouse, turn it into an adventure and go on a sea kayaking tour.

Top 10 Michigan beaches

Did you know that this Copper Port was used by the burg and Boston Mining Company to transport goods? Today, however, Copper Harbor is used for commercial and recreational purposes such as transporting passengers from Isle Royale National Park to northern Michigan.

Spend a day at the beautiful Copper Harbor beach located directly across from the lighthouse. The beach is quite beautiful – nice enough for many newlyweds to come here for their wedding photos.


  1. Warren Dunes . State Park

The dunes here are monumental enough to be simply admired and a subject for landscape photographers, but for the active traveler you should definitely consider a fun uphill climb and sandboards on the way down.

Be sure to climb the tallest dune in Warren Dunes State Park, Tower Hill.


  1. City of Rogers

Some call it the Salmon Capital of Michigan, while others call it the Nautical City because of its ties to the shipping industry.

Fishing is one of the main activities here, and you’ll see many fishermen on the purpose-built fishing platform that is one of the harbor’s most recent additions. There’s even an annual trout fishing tournament in Rogers City.


  1. Tiscornia Beach

Located in St. Joseph, Tiscornia Beach is a great place to spend quality time with family and friends.

Visitors can go swimming, access the North Pier or experience climbing and descending the dunes. There is a picnic area on the beach, as well as bathing areas, public restrooms, and pavilions.


  1. Silver Lake Sand Dunes

This secluded beach along the shores of Lake Michigan is the perfect romantic getaway for couples looking for peace and privacy. There are more than 2,000 acres of rolling sand dunes separating the lake from the beach.

If you don’t go hiking, you can drive in an all-terrain vehicle that goes straight through the dunes and onto the beach.


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