Top 10 Texas BBQ – The 10 Best Grills in Texas Well worth a look

Top 10 Texas BBQ

The 10 Best Grills in Texas

Top 10 Texas BBQ. Among the many delicious barbecue restaurants across the big state, our guide below details ten of the best in which to dine for a delicious and authentic Texas BBQ experience.

Top 10 Texas BBQ

  1. Ray’s BBQ pan

Ray’s BBQ in Houston is great with a pure lotta soul and serves a wide range of smoked meats, from Chicago-style beef ribs to sliced   brisket, chicken, sausage and baby back ribs. The ‘soul’ of Ray’s BBQ comes from the many menus with Cajun influences, like catfish, po’boys, fish and shrimp burgers, all served with hush dogs Louisiana style. Try the spicy sausage po’boy for a fusion of barbecue and Cajun flavors. Ray also serves burgers, burgers (like the ‘big herb burger’ with minced beef, shredded cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce) and great sides. As a family owned and operated BBQ business, BBQ’s BBQ Shack restaurant places great importance on the quality of smoked bacon, homemade kebabs and homemade desserts and desserts. .

Top 10 Texas BBQ

Ray’s BBQ Shack, 4529 Old Hispanic Trail, Houston, TX, USA, +1 713 748 4227



  1. Miller’s Smokehouse

Listed as Texas Monthly’s ‘Top 50 Best BBQ Joint’ and founded in 2008, Miller’s Smokehouse in the small town of Belton, Texas, proves it’s worthy of the title with its delicious barbecue, smoke, and sides delicious south. Miller’s Smokehouse offers items like BBQ meats, roast pork, coleslaw and beans) and specialty dishes, like ‘El Gallo Picante’ (spicy sausage sausage with chicken, slaw, jalapenos and BBQ sauce on a bun) or ‘Fire in a bowl’ (beans, chopped beef, hot dishes and fries with potatoes, pickles, jalapenos, onions and tortillas). Also, be sure to try one of the desserts, like brownies, cakes or cobbler, homemade by Lisa ‘Mama’ Miller.

Top 10 Texas BBQ

Millhouse Smokehouse, 208 North Penelope St., Belton, TX, USA, +1 254 939 5500


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  1. Pecan Lodge

Pecan Lodge, which believes the best things in life are smoked in a pit, ‘is a gourmet barbecue restaurant in Deep Ellum, Dallas, and has received billings of one of the top four barbecue restaurants. world of Texas monthly.

Top 10 Texas BBQ

Pecan Lodge, 2702 Main Street, Dallas, TX, USA, +1 214 748 8900



  1. Snow’s BBQ

Snow’s BBQ, located in the small town of Lexington, is open every Saturday morning and offers grilled meats like chicken, brisket, pork chops, pork, sausage, sausage and turkey jalapeno, as well as BBQ sauce Signature BBQ (pepper sauce, original BBQ sauce and spicy BBQ sauce). Aspiring customers should arrive at the little red shack early to avoid the long lines and to secure a meal before the snow runs out of barbecue. For a true Texas BBQ experience with friendly Texas staff and a laid-back atmosphere, Snow’s BBQ is the place to dine.


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  1. Franklin Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue is a classic from Austin, Texas. With an Austin atmosphere and both rustic, vintage and modern décor, Franklin Barbecue sets the stage for a fine dining experience. Franklin’s fame is growing rapidly, with an upcoming TV show airing on PBS. Be sure to check out their much-watched YouTube channel. To accompany your meal, enjoy a classic Big Red soda or a Mexican Coke.



  1. Schoepf Baro BQ

Schoepf’s Baro BQ has been serving up truly authentic Texas BBQ for over two decades. Located in downtown Belton, Schoepf now serves tacos and lamb (like lamb, bacon and cheese) for breakfast and is open for both lunch and dinner. Schoepf also offers a wide range of tacos and a variety of delicious dishes, like cheesy potatoes, cucumber salad, potato salad and macaroni and cheese. See Schoepf’s website for a list of upcoming events and bands at the restaurant.



  1. Luling City Market

With an authentic traditional Texan barbecue space and excellent meats, sides and sauces, Luling City Market proves to be a great choice for barbecue in the Houston area. Luling City Market’s BBQ Sauce is one of BBQ’s most popular items and is sought after and shipped throughout the United States.

Luling Municipal Market, 4726 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX, USA, +1 713 871 1903



  1. Louie Mueller Barbecue

In 1949, Louie Mueller first opened Taylor’s Louie Mueller Barbecue, after being in the city for about 13 years. This restaurant is known as one of Texas’ best barbecue locations, winning multiple awards and appearing on Food Network’s ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’. At Louie Mueller Barbecue, choose from roast beef, whole beef, jalapeno or Chipotle, Texas beef sausage, pork loin or pork chops, pork tenderloin, shredded beef or turkey. Sandwiches at Louie Mueller include sliced   bacon, chicken breast, pork loin, pulled pork, and double sausage. Don’t forget to complete your barbecue meal with a homemade peach cobbler, complete with cinnamon and Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream, or hand dip.

Louie Mueller Barbecue, 206 West 2nd St., Taylor, TX, USA, +1 512 352 6206



  1. Kreuz . Market

With a spacious, rustic dining area, unique patio, great barbecue area, and visible smoking area, one can tell Kreuz Market knows how to make Texas barbecue.

Kreuz Market, 619 Northern Colorado St., Lockhart, TX, USA, +1 512 398 2361



  1. Texas Pride Mesquite Bacon

Since then, the local has grown into one of the largest barbecue restaurants in the state. Top 10 Texas BBQ


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