Top 10 USA waterfalls – 10 most unique wild waterfalls in America

Top 10 USA waterfalls

Top 10 USA waterfalls10 most unique wild waterfalls in America

Many waterfalls in the US are known only to locals, and lovers of this grandeur are willing to travel thousands of miles just to admire these natural beauties.

Here are 10 amazing waterfalls around the US that are worth a visit.

Top 10 USA waterfalls


  1. Havasu Falls – Grand Canyon, Arizona

The waterfall is located behind the Havasu gorge in the Havasupai Indian reserve, close to the Grand Canyon National Park with an average year-round water of 21 degrees Celsius. Havasupai means “man of the blue water” and the name is not disappointing visitors when directly looking at the turquoise color of the lake located at the foot of the waterfall.

Top 10 USA waterfalls

Visitors can only visit the village and the waterfall by foot or using a horse-drawn carriage. The distance is about 16km from the train station to the waterfall, of which more than 3km passes through the village of Supai.

The best walking conditions are in early spring and late autumn with moderate temperatures and excellent weather.


  1. Triple Falls – Western Gorge, Oregon

Located on the Multomah Falls area of ​​the Columbia Gorge River west of the Gorge is Triple Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls because of the distinctive features of the area. In addition, there are about 10 other waterfalls within a few miles around.

Top 10 USA waterfalls

A distance of more than 8km for medium-slope walks will lead visitors to a place where they can see the whole waterfall area, but few travelers take the risk.

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  1. Waimoku Falls – Maui, Hawaii

The waterfall is located in the Pipiwai trail area, about 243.8m long above the lowest water level during more than 6km of the journey. On the way to Waimoku, visitors will pass about 56m of Mahahiku waterfall and through a bamboo forest.

Top 10 USA waterfalls

Dropping down a wall of lava rock covered with moss and vegetation, Waimoku Falls and the lake at the base of the tower can be seen from the hill above. Visitors are allowed to swim in the Kipahula area, but the lake at the foot of Waimoku Falls is at risk when rocks fall from above.


  1. Blackwater Falls – Davis, West Virginia

The tannins from hemlock and spruce leaves make the water look like it is reflected in the stained glass, which is also the reason for the waterfall’s name.

Top 10 USA waterfalls

The dark waters of the specially named Blackwater fall over five stone steps into the river below in Blackwater Falls State Park. You can see the waterfall from many locations in the park and watch the amber water foam throughout the 12km of the canyon.

The tourist area is open year-round with beautiful wildflowers, panoramic views and winters that pass here.


  1. Shoshone and Twin Falls – Idaho

Known as a Niagara of the West, Shoshone Falls is nearly 65m high, 11m higher than Niagara Falls. At its most majestic, the waterfall almost covers 275m wide of the gorge, flowing down to the Snake River below. The amount of water is an important part of determining whether a waterfall is foggy or a wall of water.

Top 10 USA waterfalls

Spring and early summer are the best times to fully feel the wonderful atmosphere here.


  1. Bridal Veil Falls – Valdez, Alaska

A frozen waterfall? You will see it when you visit Bridal Veil waterfall, 24km from Valdez, in winter.

Top 10 USA waterfalls

For those who love climbing but do not want to cross the river to reach the waterfall, can choose from 3.2km of Valdez Goat trail. For snow-capped travelers, Bridal Veil Falls is the longest and widest adventure in the Keystone Canyon.


  1. Cascade Falls – Giles County, Virginia

The water flows for 21km through the reefs or pours straight from above into the lake below, giving the name of this famous waterfall.

The Cascades Recreation area is the starting point for a hike to the waterfall. Additionally, the trail is open to horses and bicycles, as well as year-round fishing. More than 3km of walking path through the Little Stony valley will lead visitors to the waterfall area. Many tourists have chosen to walk the opposite way by trail.

During the winter, although the ice areas around the 61m high cliffs, wooden steps and corridors are closed, visitors can still easily admire and take beautiful photos of the waterfall.


  1. Vernal Falls – Yosemite, California

Following the Mist or John Muir trails in California’s Yosemite National Park, visitors can get up close and personal with the beauty of Vernal Falls.

The falls can be seen from the footbridge, less than 1.6km from the trailhead. On the other side of the bridge there are two turns. Adventurous travelers can continue the Mist trail, which includes 600 granite steps as a “huge natural staircase” leading to the top of the 97-meter high Vernal Falls.

After many years of drought, Vernal Falls remains one of the favorite waterfalls, according to a National Park spokesman, because in addition to the amount of water when the snow melts, the water flow is also supplemented by a glacier and a stream of water. stream, while many other waterfalls in the park have dried up due to lack of rainwater.

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  1. Potato River Falls – Gurney, Wisconsin

Located at the end of Potato River Falls in the county park, the waterfall can be easily seen from the surrounding trails.

The waterfall is divided into the foot area and the top of the waterfall, which pours into the river below. On the half-mile path leading to the top of the falls, the highest point of the Potato River can be reached by following the waterfront path.

Tourists who come to visit in autumn have the opportunity to take different pictures of the colors of the waterfall.


  1. Bond Falls – Paulding, Michigan

As one of the best kept secrets of Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula, Bond Falls is more than 12 meters high, 30.48 meters wide and divided into small cascades.

Located in the middle of the Ontonagon River near Paulding, Bond is known as the harmonious landscape of the state of Michigan. Following the paths from the park area near the foot of the falls, visitors can easily go to the best viewing spots.

Top 10 USA waterfalls


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