Top 10 USA websites – Top 10 Websites in the United States

Top 10 USA website

Top 10 USA website

You won’t find many surprises here

The 10 most popular websites in the US generate a huge amount of traffic. Those are the pages that a lot of people visit every day, and — with nearly 300 million people online in the United States — that’s a lot of traffic.

Top 10 Websites in the US – Top 10 USA website

While the actual ratings may vary slightly among these 10 candidates as they vie for the top spot, here are the sites that have been the longtime winners of the “Top 10” title in the U.S. This book is from Alexa website traffic, statistics and analytics services:

Top 10 USA websites – Top 10 Websites in the United States


  1. Google

  2. YouTube

  3. Facebook

  4. Amazon

  5. Reddit

  6. Yahoo

  7. Wikipedia

  8. Twitter

  9. eBay

  10. Netflix


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Top 10 USA website

LinkedIn and Instagram are nipping at Netflix’s heels at number 10 as the frequent swings in popularity of these sites occur. From time to time, you will see Apple and PayPal hit the top 10. As you read this article, there may have been changes.

Top 10 USA website

Measurement organization

To find out which websites are most popular in the US at a particular time, the best sites to use are:

Alexa, provides a list of the 500 most popular websites worldwide. It includes a filter for US sites.

Nielsen has listings for both global sites and US favorites.

SimilarWeb’s Top 10 list includes a few adult sites, so it provides a slightly different view of the Top 10.

Each of these metrics lists Google, YouTube, and Facebook as the Top 3 at the time of publication, although the order varies.


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Top 10 USA website

There are many websites (such as social bookmarking sites) that provide curated lists of the most popular sites on specific topics. Other ways to see what’s common in certain niches include:

Popurls provides daily snapshots of the most popular websites and content across different sites. They are not ranked, but this site works best if you just want up-to-the-minute data.

Using Stumbleupon’s most popular card page, you can get a good idea of   what others have looked at in the short or long term.

Watch the top videos on YouTube in several categories including current and historical.



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